Message board Management

It seems as summer has sprung on us the expected and normal flood of Tweenage users have popped out from behind the woodwork to expose their pre-pubecent selves in all their oily zit covered glory and decided to unleash their collective collection of zit puss all over our beloved forums. While I appreciate being an outlet for the future of our global economy, maintaining a safe, fun environment for the rest of our users is priority number 1 for this moderator. And keeping that limited structure we have un compromised seems a logical step.

Many of our members in their prime of sexual discovery and identity have decided to ejaculate all over our beloved forums to achive another "rise" for themselves in order to achive yet another episode of some type of sick twisted sexual gratification. They achive this level of excitement not only by causing other members some limited deals of distress but also the (precived) discomfort it causes figures of authority. (tho they fail to relize just how little I care when locking their posts.) However the red folder with lock on it is a point of excitement for these individuals a climax if you will in their diluted minds and having achived such satisfaction must under the urge of procreation do it again and again. Seeing results from their labors only encourages the behavior and therefor I suggest a shift / change in policy need be approached.

I belive that if their posts simply disappear by means of deletion and they are quietly escorted to the saftey and security of other outlusts of sexual gratification by means of suspension that we will see a great reduction in the number of "wack off" sessions materializing on the message boards.

Cliff Notes:
Delete Spam instead of lock
(Justification is that the rules are posted in multipule places around the boards and members are given ample opertunity to read those rules)