Happy holidays everyone, I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season.

With the season comes new toys to play with, new gadgets to fiddle with, more parts to lose, and more stuff to break. However this is all because it is the season for giving, for sharing our warm feelings towards one another.

With our new gifts may come a new computer. Faster then the last generation you've had, your maybe this is your first. No matter what category you fit in you have to remember the world outside the warmth of the holidays is not an inviting world in many respects and it is our responsibility to protect ourselves as much as possible from the negatives of the digital world, therefore I am dedicating this blogging to must have software to keep your computer running it's best.

Software you MUST have:
Spyware / Adware detection and removal
Disk maintenance
Registry Cleaner

Suggestion to tackle these requirements:
Anti-Virus: Nod32 - Nod32 is a fairly unheard of, yet very effective, very efficient award-winning anti-virus program that has yet to miss a virus in the wild. It is hands down, the best anti-virus program available and fairly inexpensive compared to other solutions. A 30 day free trial is available through the link I provided.

Firewall: Kerio Personal Firewall - Kerio is a very easy to use very effective firewall that blocks all unwanted inbound and outbound network traffic without much user intervention and allowing you to still use the internet unobstructed while making you virtually invisible to the outside world. Kerio is free or you can purchase it to unlock more advanced features.

Spyware / Adware detection and removal: Spybot S&D - Spybot is free, and still the champion of spyware / adware detection and removal. Unfortunately even the best doesn't detect and remove EVERY piece of spyware / adware out. If you run this program and are still having computer issues that might be related to spyware check out the spywareinfo.com forums

Disk maintenance: Diskkeeper - Diskkeeper has been the long standing champion of disk deframentation, its quick and makes your data fly after you've run it. There are two versions available to fit everybody's needs. This is a must have application.

Registry Cleaner: RegSupreme Pro - Regsupreme Pro is pack with a lot more then just a simple registry cleaner, it's little brother, RegSupreme handles that nicely so it's up to you which one you would like to use, my advice is to try them both and see which you like best. Regardless this is hands down the best registry cleaner out.

With this list of software I'm hoping that it will make it easier to maintain your computer and keep it in tip top shape for years to come. My next installment will focus on software that's not a MUST have but will increase your systems performance.


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