A seperation of "We the People" and our government.

Don't get me wrong, this is not an american government bashing session. This is an observation of what is taking place in todays society. What brought this on you ask? simple, the current FCC decision regarding the howard stern show and I don't even listen to the guy.

It seems like our government is becoming more and more detatched from the average american person. That it caters to the smallest yet loudest crowd and we sit back and let it happen, we, average joe and jane, do nothing "oh it doesn't hurt us" we say, and let it slide by. We don't speak up for ourselves and let others direct the way our lives will be run by Uncle Sam the over protective mother nobody really wants but no one has the gull to tell off, or when they do, they get reamed fanny style because our government has the power to do it, but lacks the self control to not.

Now back to the topic, I understand what took place at the Superbowl this year may not have been tasteful for the time and place that it happened, notice I avoid using the terms not apropriate, wrong, ect...because that is a personal judgment and should be left to each individual and not imposed and forced on the rest of the population of our country. We advertise ourselves as the home of the brave and land of the free, FREE, free to decide what is acceptible on our own and not have somebody force it down our throat. However, that is EXACTLY what we are letting happen. Warning people that content may be dis-tasteful to some, OK, allowing parents to limit the content that their childern view, OK, forcing everyone to fallow the standards of an offended few, NOT OK. yes we should be informed about the content of specific media before, and during its presentation so at that point we can make an INFORMED decision on weather we belive we will enjoy that particular presentation or not. and those who label the program should be punished for when they fail to adaquitly do their job. we should NOT restrict content based on a select fews views on what is morally acceptable because whats acceptible to some, is outright insulting to others, both need to learn to accept that fact and respect each others views.

Am I saying that all content should be allowed, NO. I do belive SOME limits need to be placed on certain subjects.

  • Pornographic material should ONLY be accessable by those 18 or over
  • Simulated sex should be siluet and extemely veauge
  • Foul language should be monitored and restricted, words like Fuck, Shit, dike, fag, nigger, racially darogitory terms not used by a member of that race...
  • Grotesk violence should be restricted to an apropriate age level.

things of that nature, I'm not saying "NO CUSSING, NO VIOLENCE, NO SEX!" I'm saying limit the audience but DO NOT block it as an option to those Americans who FREELY decide to consume that type of media.

who makes these decisions?
thats a hard one, but the people that are doing it right now seem to be overstepping some boundries and making people feel uncomfortable with their decisions. My belife is that the current rules are a good starting block and most of what needs to be done is to just relax again.

this is my opinion, flame it, hate it, read it, think about it.


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